Velocio Recon Wool Long Sleeve Jersey Review

Velocio RECON Wool

As spring weather begins to hit across the country, eager cyclists stow away their trainers in search of the open road. Unless you live in California where we were instantly transported into shorts and short sleeve summer mode, you will likely need to ride in a warm, long sleeve jersey for a couple of months to come. If so, check out the Velocio Recon Wool Long Sleeve Jersey.

Made from a blend of cozy merino wool and polyamide, the Recon jersey offers warmth, next to skin comfort, sweat and temperature management along with long-term durability. The range of comfort level temperature-wise means the jersey serves double duty as a single, mid-weight layer on cool days or a base layer under a jacket on colder mornings.

I like that the Velocio pieces are understated and don’t look so techie. I am not one to ride around daily in my sponsored team kit–probably because I am not and most likely never will be a sponsored rider of any kind–but I appreciate the pops of contrasting, polka dot fabric that line the rounded cuffs and collar for a little extra style flair.

One bummer–although the small flap covering the rear pockets is great to keep your valuable ride snacks, wallet, and repair kit from flying out on the steep downhills, it also makes it frustratingly impossible to grab and stow something quickly as you ride–especially if you are wearing a vest or jacket over top. That is, at least for extremely uncoordinated people like me. But to compensate for this, I found the two zippered pockets at the front are great for storing quick access items–leave the not often used gear in the rear pockets.

In terms of sizing, Velocio claims these are running a bit big so gave me a couple of size smalls to test out. I have never been a small anything but apart from being a wee bit short in the torso and arms, the jerseys actually fit ok. So if you are normally between sizes, choose the smaller one for this jersey.

The Velocio Recon Wool Long Sleeve Jersey comes in two different colors and retails for $219. Available now for both men and women.

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