The Centriphone Is The New Selfie Stick


Unless you were far away in some major no service zone the last few weeks, it would have been hard to miss the Centriphone video from Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier that became a viral sensation. In order to make the video, he created his own 3D printed rig that enabled him to safely swing his iPhone 6 overhead while maintaining a constant and stabilized footage stream.

It took Vuiginer two years and prototype after prototype in order to finally get the shot he was looking for. While he initially tested the Centriphone rig with a GoPro camera, he soon realized he needed a faster camera, and so re-designed his prototype to fit the iPhone 6 with a wide-angle lens attachment, shooting at 240 fps. The final product looks a bit like a space shuttle but allows you to easily spin your phone around your head in order to produce that Matrix bullet time effect.

After receiving more than 3.5 million views and countless requests for DIY instructions, Vuignier has now released a follow up ‘Making Of’ video, along with the open source 3D printable files so you can make your own Centriphone at home. He hopes that people will take the files and modify or further develop the concept, finding new and more creative ways to use it.

For those that have no access to 3D printers or just can’t be bothered, Vuignier is also selling a market-ready product for around $40–available for both a GoPro and an iPhone. The Centriphones are expected to start shipping in April.

Given that people injure and even kill themselves using selfie sticks, I dread to see what will happen if everyone starts swinging Centriphones. It’s still pretty dang cool though.

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