Gregory Daypacks Get Even Cooler

Gregory Sula and Salvo

This spring, Gregory is all about adding some cool to their daypack line. The new women’s Sula and men’s Salvo feature a unique suspension system that focuses on ventilation for your back without compromising comfort or reducing capacity.

Many ventilated daypacks use a trampoline-like frame design that creates a large gap between your back and your pack in order to let air flow freely. While it might keep your back cool, one problem with this design is that the load’s centre of gravity sits far away from your body and as a result, the pack feels heavier while capacity is compromised.

Gregory Freespan Technology

By comparison, Gregory’s Freespan technology in the new Sulva and Sula combine ventilation with a centre of gravity close to your body and a relatively large capacity. This is made possible by the lumbar pad and an aluminum leaf spring for lumbar support–a leaf spring is a spring made of a number of strips of metal curved slightly upward and clamped together one above the other. The backpanel is covered with mesh and guarantees full air circulation, while the lumbar pad ensures the load is transferred to the lumbar vertebrae. Therefore, the pack sits close to your back without the carry system restricting the capacity.

Two zip pockets on the hipbelt of the 24 L and 28 L models provide enough space for essential items you might need in a hurry. And there’s room for a smartphone and sunglasses in the front pocket which has a soft lining to prevent scratches. Side stretch-mesh pockets are big enough for dual water bottle carry or stashing a rain jacket.

Both the Gregory Sula and Salvo come in three sizes–18 L, 24 L or 28 L capacities. The guys get three colors to choose from and the women, two. The ventilated daypacks retail for $99, $115, and $129 respectively and are available now.

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