Turn Your Bike Into A Smart Bike With SmartHalo


Turn your bike into a smart bike with the new SmartHalo bike accessory. When paired with your phone, the small disc-shaped device acts as navigator, activity tracker, bike light, locator, and even thief deterrent.

SmartHalo features a single input touch interface, 25 high intensity LEDS to communicate back to you, and a built-in accelerometer and magnetometer. Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity enable you to pair the device with both your phone and your bike sensors.

Using an app on your phone, SmartHalo finds the quickest and safest routes for you based on your desired destination. A series of lights deliver turn-by-turn navigation straight to your handlebars, telling you when to turn or even when to veer slightly in one direction. And similar to the BeeLine bike navigator, you can choose to be steered in the general direction but find your own way. Lights will point towards your destination at all times, and the closer you get, the greener the pointer becomes.

If you can’t remember where you locked your bike that morning, the app will lead you straight to it. And if someone messes with your bike while you are away, SmartHalo’s internal motion sensor triggers a loud alarm. As the device is paired only with your phone, the alarm system deactivates as soon as you approach your bike.

When you are riding, SmartHalo notifies you of incoming calls and SMS or weather alerts directly on your handlebar. For those that like to keep track of their rides, SmartHalo records your progress as soon as you start pedaling–no need to press any buttons. Visualize the data in the app, set fitness goals, or export it wherever you want.

As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo’s 200-lumen light turns on automatically. When your ride is finished, the light and device turn off on its own.

SmartHalo stays permanently on your bike with tamper-proof screws–the device fits all standard handlebars (22.2 mm, 25.4 mm, and 31.8 mm). The Li-Polymer battery should last for up to 3 weeks of use before charging is required.

SmartHalo will start shipping in September with pre-orders taken now for $139 on the company website.

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