The Last Bike Multi-Tool You Will Ever Need


UK-based Altum Designs hopes they have created the last bike multi-tool you will ever need. Their new MODUAL system consists of MTS, an innovative 13 function multi-tool, and MTR, an accompanying tool roll that makes easy work of carrying all your essential items on the bike. The MTS multi-tool is comprehensive enough for use at home but compact enough to take with you on your ride.

The head of the carbon steel main body features two tool bit slots, one acting as a wrench and the other as a screwdriver. Using individual tool bits rather than the pivoting allen keys you find in most bike multi-tools, the MTS comes with 9 different screwdriver bit sizes/types (PH2, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and T25) as well as an extender for those hard to reach places. Four of these bits can be held internally, enabling the tool to be configured to match the specific requirements of your bike.

Tire levers snap magnetically to each side of the multi-tool, forming an ergonomic handle with an elongated body for extra leverage. Common spoke key sizes are positioned around the tool’s edge to make any wheel repairs mid-ride. Even with all this functionality, MTS fits neatly in your jersey pocket.

The MTR tool roll is constructed from durable Cordura with a top flap that acts as a workstation whether you are at home or on the roadside. A hidden magnet means you are no longer at risk of losing your tool bits.

Internal dividers are the perfect size for the MTS multi-tool, as well as zippered pockets for other essentials and an external strap for securing your spare tube. All of this folds up into a compact bundle that fits neatly under your saddle or even in your jersey pocket.

You have a couple of days left to preorder your MODUAL system over on Altum’s already funded Kickstarter campaign. For $36, you get the MTS bike multi-tool, or $56 for both the MTS and MTR tool roll. For an additional $3, you can add on a set of 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm socket attachments.

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