New Gear For Your Dog

Ruffwear Commuter Pack

While Outdoor Retailer was filled with shiny new gear for us humans, there was plenty on show for your dog as well. From packs and collars to cooling vests and boots, your dog is sure to be as well geared-up as you are next spring.

While the current Ruffwear Swamp Cooler is a great product to keep your dog from overheating in the summer, it gets pretty bulky when paired with a pack. The new Jet Stream ($39.95) is a lightweight cooling vest with shade-providing spandex on top and Swamp Cooler technology on the chest and belly to keep your dog cool through evaporation and heat reflection. The active fit piece gives Fido full range of motion and features a zippered closure and reflective trim. All you have to do is soak the Jet Stream in water, wring out, and fit on your dog.

And if that is even a struggle to get on your dog, the Core Cooler ($24.95) is a simple add-on accessory to Ruffwear packs and harnesses that uses Swamp Cooler technology. The chest and belly panel integrates with Ruffwear’s Web Master and Web Master Pro Harnesses, Approach, Palisades, and Singletrak Packs. Simply soak, wring out, and attach the belly pad to your dog’s harness or pack via an easy hook & loop system.

Probably my favorite new piece of dog gear is the Commuter Pack ($99.95, picture top) — a rucksack-inspired dog pack for all those hipster city dogs. Side pockets offer space for poo bags, treats, and other essentials while mesh pockets inside the saddlebags keep small items organized for Fido’s trip to the office.


When you are out on a hike with your dog, you may always remember the water but not always the bowl to help your dog drink. The Grrowler ($39.99) solves the problem by integrating the bowl right into your dog’s collar. There is also a spot for poo bags, treats, and anything else your dog might need without forcing them to carry a full pack. The folks at RMU also added a p cord leash for quick restraint and use in emergency situations.

While the Ruffwear products will be available next spring, the Grrowler should start shipping in the next couple of months.

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