Onyx Smart Walkie Talkie

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When you ride or hike in a group, it’s only natural for people to get spread out over the course of the day based on everyone’s individual pace. So how do you communicate with each other when needed? Sure, you could call each other on the phone or carry a set of walkie talkies. But Onyx gives you a much easier option with a simple wearable that enables instant voice communication between everyone in your party.

Created by San Francisco-based Orion Labs, Onyx is a wearable communication accessory for instant voice conversations with as many people as you want, across any distance. You stay connected while your phone stays in your pocket.

Onyx pairs with the Orion app, using your phone’s data or wifi connection for communication. You can create groups on the app to chat with everyone, and easily switch between groups for different conversations — groups size can vary from one person to as many as you want. The app also lets you see the location of all group members on a map.

When you want to communicate, simply push the Onyx to talk, and your group hears you from their Onyx in real-time. No need to spend time typing or calling. If you don’t want the entire world to hear your conversation, simply plug your headphones into the wearable.

At the end of this year, Onyx users will be able to access Alexa to get the latest news headlines and weather forecasts, control smart home devices, order food or a car. “We started Orion Labs to build a world powered by voice and help people get more done together with their eyes free, instead of being glued to a screen,” said Orion Labs founder and CEO Jesse Robbins. So expect your Onyx wearable to do even more in the future.

The Onyx wearables come in a 2-pack and retail for $249.99 (currently $199.99 as an early-bird price!). You can mix and match from 4 different colors.

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