Backpacking Tarp That Helps You Get Organized


Tarps already have many uses — from shelters to ground covers to a clean rope platform when climbing. But what if a tarp could also help you organize for your trip, ensuring you don’t forget anything? Enter TripTarp — a 5′ x 7′ tarp printed with a categorized gear list and corresponding zones in which to physically place all your gear, giving you one big visual on everything you need.

We have all seen those overhead Instagram shots of someone’s pile of gear before it’s packed up and hauled away. Some people are more organized than others (mine usually looks like one big messy disaster zone). With TripTarp, you now have no excuse not to be well organized.

TripTarp was started by Craig Rowe — a commercial backpacking guide in the Sierras. He found the tarp was a great way to ensure his clients (and even fellow guides) had everything they needed for the trip before hitting the trailhead. There is nothing worse than gear-related surprises when you are hours or even days into your planned route.

The tarp helps you sort your gear into eight primary categories — Trek & Pack, Shelter, Sleep, Wear, Personal, Eat & Drink, Cook, and Safety. Each category includes suggested gear as well as reminders of what you might consider depending on the weather.

In addition to gear lists and organization, TripTarp is printed with planning advice and wilderness travel best practices. And most importantly — it includes sewn corner loops and edge grommets that make it useful as an actual shelter. The tarp weighs 8.6 ounces, is made from 70 denier silnylon, and treated with a DWR coating for extra water-resistance.

All you backpackers out there — thoughts on this one? Would you use something like this? My base backpacking kit is pretty dialed but having a visual and physical way to organize it can’t hurt. I can see TripTarp making a great present for someone who is new to backpacking.

The Truckee-based company is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the TripTarp. For a $55 pledge, you can get your own tarp in time for the spring backpacking season.

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