Own Part of a Bicycle Beer Company

ABloc Beer

Dutch cyclists Daan van Well and Martijn Snelder wanted to create the perfect beer to drink after a hard bike ride with friends. The result? à BLOC Bicycle Beer. It’s a refreshing, full flavored, and easy to drink unfiltered blond beer with added Alpine Minerals to aid in your recovery. Now, you have to chance to own part of this cycling-focused beer company.

à BLOC is set up a bit differently from your average craft brewery — they are both local and global. Daan and Martijn created the unique recipe but work with local craft brewers around the world to actually brew the beer. Many breweries have both structural and seasonal overcapacity that they would love to make use of  — this enables à BLOC to brew their beer without having to invest in any equipment or buildings. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Once brewed, à BLOC sells to beer/wine distributors and straight to bike channels when possible. Right now, you can get the bicycle beer in Holland, the UK, Spain, and Australia. No word yet on when it will be available in the US.

In addition to just selling beer, the company hopes to create a cycling community around the brand with group rides (topped off with à BLOC beer, of course), cycling challenges, cafés, workshops, and more.

If you think this all sounds cool and want to be an investor in à BLOC, the company is currently running a campaign to raise €350,000. Your investment would serve as a convertible loan — this means the company repays your loan after 5 years at 7% interest or you have the option to convert the amount of that loan (plus interest) to company stock at a 30% discounted price. Depending on your level of investment, it comes with many other perks such as free beer (!), rides with pros, team kit, and more.

Personally, I think it is a much more interesting (albeit more expensive) way to raise money than going the Kickstarter route as you get total buy-in and continued interest from your customer.

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