How to Brew Coffee in a Copper Pipe


Ever needed a shot of coffee but were nowhere near a café or a stove? Now you can carry in your pocket all you need to make the perfect shot of espresso. Meet Bripe — the pipe that lets you brew and drink coffee on the go.

Bripe inventor, Tim Panek, believes you deserve the best shot of coffee wherever you might be — even if that’s sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere. That’s why he teamed up with longtime friend and co-founder of Equator Coffee, Craig Hall, to bring his coffee brew pipe idea to market.

It’s a simple six step process to brewing coffee with the Bripe: First place the stainless steel filter/thermometer inside the pipe to cover the stem hole. Add your favorite ground coffee (or tea if you prefer). Pour in water and stir. Grab the quad jet torch and place the flame under the pipe until you reach a temperature of 185 degrees F, stirring often. Let the brew cool a bit so you don’t burn yourself then when ready, blow a bit of air into the stem to make a few bubbles then suck the brew through the straw.

The full Bripe kit includes the copper pipe, jet torch, filter and thermometer, a small stand for resting the Bripe on while it cools, a tube for holding coffee grounds, and a carry case. The kit weighs in at 11.8 oz (337 g) — you supply the coffee grounds and water. The torch runs on butane just like a lighter and is refillable. The kit retails for $85 and is available from the Bripe website and select Equator coffee shops.

Interesting idea if you are just out for a day hike and need a shot of coffee to keep you going. If you are out for a multi-day backpacking trip, I assume you can just use your stove to heat up the pipe instead of having to bring along the torch as extra weight.

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