The Jetboil Jetgauge Tells You Exactly How Much Fuel You Have Left


After writing earlier this week about all the ways you can figure out how much fuel you have left in those canisters cluttering up your garage, Jetboil came up with a gadget to make the whole process even easier. The new Jetgauge tool tells you the exact percentage of fuel remaining, saving you from pulling out a digital scale and calculator or floating canisters in water.

After hearing that their customers were buying new canisters for almost every trip simply because they couldn’t reliably gauge how much fuel was left, Jetboil decided to create a tool that would simplify the entire process. The Jetgauge is basically a digital scale but instead of making you do all the math to figure out the amount of fuel left, it does all the hard work for you.

The Jegauge works by screwing on to the top of your canister. There are three different settings on the tool depending on the size of the canister you are trying to gauge. Instead just giving you a weight in grams or ounces like a normal digital scale, this one does all the calculations needed to figure out the exact amount of remaining fuel and returns a simple percentage.


Jetboil then gives you a handy guide that matches the percentage of fuel left to the maximum number of boils you can get out of the canister in ideal conditions — a boil being a 1/2 cup of water. Keep in mind there are roughly 4 cups in a liter. All future JetPower canisters will actually have this guide printed on the side.

The Jetgauge tool works with any JetPower canister including 100 gram, 230 gram, and 450 gram sizes. The tool itself weighs 3 ounces and runs off a watch battery (CR2032) — light enough that if you were heading out on longer trip and needed to gauge your fuel use as you go, you could simply throw this in your pack.

The Jetgauge is a Spring 2018 product so expect it to hit shelves in February. Jetboil is also coming out with a couple new stoves which you can read about next week.

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