A Complete Camp Kitchen in a Box


iKamper, creator of a rooftop tent that was successfully funded on Kickstarter, is back again with a new product. EatOut is an outdoor kitchen system that contains everything you need to cook and eat food outdoors, all folded into one compact box.

Inside the EatOut box, you will find storage space for your groceries and cookware, two gas burners, tables for eating and prep, and a LED-lantern. When folded out, the tables and cooking area comfortably seat four adults — the tables are made from furniture-grade waterproof birch plywood and are very easy to clean.

EatOut’s storage compartment makes it easy to take everything you need for cooking and eating outdoors with you in the box. Depending on the model, you get 37 liters to 50 liters of storage space for your dishes, utensils, cookware, and even groceries — there is an optional utensil rack to keep everything organized. A soft cooler inside the storage space keeps your food and drinks cold if you don’t want to bring an external cooler.

The two integrated burners feature a windproof design and run off any standard butane gas canister — the canisters attach underneath the stove. One touch ignition lights both 8500 BTU burners.

A detachable, app-controlled smart LED-lantern enables you to cook and eat at night – the lantern can either hang from the telescopic pole attached to the table or detached to use as a flashlight when needed.

The integrated handle and wheels on EatOut lets you roll it over pretty much any terrain, and the handles fold down easily so the box can be easily packed into a car, or stowed away when not in use.

EatOut comes in two sizes: Expedition and Excursion. The main difference is in the amount of storage capacity and size of the foldout table. The entire unit weighs 15-20 pounds depending on model, so not too heavy to throw in the back of your car.

iKamper is taking pre-orders for EatOut over on Kickstarter. Prices start at $185 with delivery expected in May.

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