Mission Workshop’s The Grandmaster Might Be the Best Hoodie Ever

Mission Workshop Grandmaster

Sweatshirts and hoodies provide undeniable comfort—but they also typically come with a baggy, sloppy fit that’s honestly best-kept in whatever dark drawer into which I stuffed all those over-sized 1990s flannels. And that’s why I find the Grandmaster Hoodie to be such a welcome revelation.

Originating from cycle- and active-centric Mission Workshop, this take on the traditional mid-layer uses a more refined, tailored silhouette than your typical box store hoodie. But—thanks to the use of Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece—it moves freely while staying snug and trim. This detail boasts benefits beyond the sartorial—the four-way stretch means you’re protected while active, from biking to hiking to skiing.

A bit of wind-resistance cuts the cold fall breezes, and the overall touch is plush and comforting, thick and durable, which has made it my go-to outer layer this fall. It’ll likely also become my favorite in-flight piece of apparel; it’s cozy enough to ward off cold drafts, the hood offers a bit of privacy, and it’s also plush enough to roll up into a makeshift pillow.

It comes with a burly central zipper, a three-panel hood that thankfully never makes you look pointy-headed, and two hand pockets—one with an additional small internal pocket. It also has a snap-down chest pocket that’s deep and stretchy enough to fit my old school iPhone 6, but may prove challenging for the phablets hitting the market—yea, it seems like smart phones is also having their own over-sized moment right now.

The Mission Workshop Grandmaster Hoodie retails for $255 and is available now.

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