Findra Denim Mountain Biking Shorts

Findra Denim Shorts

Jorts may just be the most divisive piece of clothing out there — you either love them or you hate them. The cycling industry, however, seems to have embraced them wholeheartedly, whether as standard après race wear or even Ragbrai’s own Team Jorts. While I may not ever be able to pull off a pair of daisy dukes, I would definitely be seen riding in the Denim Mountain Biking Shorts from British brand Findra.

Made from a two-way stretch denim, Findra’s mountain biking shorts remain lightweight and feature a relaxed fit for movement-heavy activity. These shorts sit just above the knee where the tapered wider cut leg gives space for wearing knee protection.

One of the benefits of denim is that it is highly abrasion resistant and offers some protection for your legs from errant branches or road rash should you crash. The Denim Mountain Biking shorts are water-resistant and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable whatever the weather throws at you. Given the high durability of the fabric, these shorts will last you multiple seasons, even if you wash them after every ride (they are machine washable).

Two back pockets and two front pockets offer ample storage options for your trail essentials, while a concealed water-resistant zipper pocket is the perfect place to store your phone and other valuables during your ride.

With a flattering fit, you won’t look out-of-place grabbing that post-ride beer without first changing clothes. The nice high back keeps you from showing more than you want to and belt loops let you add your own bit of flair.

The Findra Women’s Denim Mountain Biking Shorts retail for £90 or around $122 and are available from the company website.

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