L.L. Bean Partners With PrimaLoft to Introduce Line of Aerogel Products

You’ll find aerogel creeping into more and more outdoor gear these days and now with PrimaLoft incorporating the technology into their synthetic insulation, it seems ready for prime time. Known for its supreme warmth to weight ratio, aerogel helps PrimaLoft’s Gold Insulation with Cross Core become an ultralight, non-bulky insulator.

PrimaLoft’ s new Gold Insulation with Cross Core incorporates aerogel into its synthetic insulation to create what the company claims is anywhere from an 11 – 52 percent increase in warmth. Originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications, silica aerogel is a highly porous, low-density structure that forms a temperature barrier locking out cold and heat. PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core is the first product to combine aerogel with other fiber technologies for use in a batted insulation.

L.L. Bean will be the first outdoor company to use PrimaLoft’s new insulation in a variety of products due to hit the market soon. The pinnacle product is L.L.Bean’s Ultralight Aero Sleeping Bag, The one nice property of aerogel is that it doesn’t require loft to insulate. So L.L. Bean can effectively create a warmer bottom of the bag without adding a ton of weight or bulk.

With the new insulation, the featherweight PrimaLoft Packaway line is now 15% warmer and just as packable with no increase in weight or bulk. The line features nine styles of coats, jackets and vests, including the men’s and women’s PrimaLoft Packaway Jackets, men’s and women’s Waterproof PrimaLoft Packaway Jackets, men’s and women’s PrimaLoft Packaway Hooded Jackets, men’s and women’s PrimaLoft Packaway Vests, and women’s Bean’s PrimaLoft Packaway Coat.

L.L. Bean has the exclusive on the new aerogel insulation for Spring 2018, with more outdoor brands to follow in the fall.

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