Move Over Hygge, Here Comes Plogging


A new lifestyle trend has come out of Scandanavia and this time it’s about getting outside rather than staying cozy inside and doing some good for the environment in the process. ‘Plogging’ (or ‘plogga’ in Swedish) is the art of jogging while picking up trash.

You could argue this phenomena is nothing new. Indeed, I have seen many of my American Instagram friends doing this for years. But leave it up to the Scandis to give it a hashtag and turn it into a global movement.

All you need to plog is your running gear, a trash bag, and possibly some protection for your hands to keep things sanitary. Then as you jog, pick up any trash you might see on your route — pretty simple.

While the term plogging has been around for over a year, it’s recently started to pick up steam, jumping shores to other European countries — there’s now a ploggingfrance Instagram account. The Scandinavian Outdoor Group even brought plogging to Denver for Outdoor Retailer with runs scheduled every night of the show.

Join us plogging in Denver! ##scandinavianoutdoors #plogga

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Granted, some areas may take longer with more trash bags involved to plog than others. But even the best runner’s high can’t beat the feeling of doing a little good for our planet every time you lace up your shoes. And think of it as a bonus workout with all those squats, lunges, and arm lifts as you pick up pieces of trash.

So next time you head out the door, don’t just jog. Plog.

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