The Oru Kayak Coast XT Folding Kayak Gets an Update

Coast XT

Since hitting the market five years ago, Oru Kayak hasn’t simply rested on its laurels — the company continues to refine their folding kayak design as well as improve upon their manufacturing process. For 2018, Oru Kayak returns with an updated Coast XT boat, including a limited-edition graphic.

The foundation of all Oru Kayak folding kayaks is a custom corrugated polypropylene. This plastic is not only lightweight and durable in itself, but the addition of a 10-year UV treatment rates the material to 20,000 fold cycles. In other words, the boat not going to crap out on you in a year or two.

To improve both the product and the paddling experience, Oru Kayak revamped the entire manufacturing process and the components in the new Coast XT. Many of the changes are based on customer feedback over the years.

First, the fold pattern itself has been updated to a new dartless version for increased volume and safety. You get more leg room in the skirt-ready cockpit and built-in thigh braces add comfort and stability. The resulting kayak is 16 inches long, 25 inches wide, and weighs just 34 pounds.

Perhaps the biggest change is the new deck closure system. Instead of the old buckle straps, the updated Coast XT uses zipper channels along the entire length of the boat — the same system that is used on the current Bay ST. The system reminds me of those plastic covers you slide over handheld graters or microplanes.

To recognize the original inspiration for the Oru Kayak, the company is releasing a special edition Coast XT decorated with a Robert Lange “Birdwing Butterfly” origami pattern print.

Starting Thursday, Oru Kayak will be running an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders for the new Coast XT. The price will be $1,999, down from $2,499 retail.

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