Lola’s Favorite Gear for Summer

Ruffwear Hydro Plane

Summertime means beach time for Lola. It’s usually cooler by the shore and she can get plenty of exercise from swimming instead of hiking on a hot trail. Here is some of her favorite summertime gear.

Stunt PuppyID: Both Lola and I were getting tired of the constant jangle of her ID tags so we were super excited to learn that Stunt Puppy offers collars with all your dog’s information printed directly on the fabric. No more jingling!

Stunt PuppyID

The ID collar uses the Everyday Collar as a base (available in five colors), with a Soft ID Connector piece (available in four colors). The ID section can fit up to five lines of copy — that’s plenty for your dog’s name, phone number, address, and even something like allergies. The printing won’t come off, even after you wash the collar multiple times.

The ID collars are one size fits all via adjustable webbing. We have it maxed out to fit around Lola’s neck — keep in mind she is a traditionally built Labrador with lots of extra skin and fur in her neck area. There are two heavy duty D-rings on the collar, one for leash attachment and the other in case you actually want to attach tags.

Ruffwear Hydro Plane: Lola loves this floating disc to play fetch at the beach, or tug of war outside our house (it has withstood lots and lots of tug of war). It’s soft, so gentle on her old lady mouth and the shape makes it super easy for her to pick up off the ground, sometimes with another toy at the same time. Once it gets gross, simply throw the disc in the washing machine.

Woof Jam

Chums Woof Jam: Sometimes it takes quite a few treats to get Lola to leave the beach so I carry this hip pack with me. In addition to treats, I can store poo bags, her leash as we run around, and with two water bottle pockets, water for both of us. There’s even a handy key clip inside the main pouch. The front of the pack has a touchscreen compatible sleeve for your phone so you can still check messages without getting it all sandy.

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