Helinox Brings The Outdoor Life Indoors

Helinox Home

If you live in a tiny house, tiny apartment, or just want to rock the minimalist vibe, Helinox has a new home collection for you. Best known for their collapsible outdoor furniture, Helinox applied the same technology to a line of chairs, tables, and cots meant for everyday living.

The Helinox Home Collection lets you add color and flexibility to your home decor with furniture that can be easily moved or stored out of sight to suit the occasion. Great weather outside? Take advantage of the season by moving your Helinox furniture outdoors. It’s so light and easy to move – you can recreate your lounge room on the patio in no time.

The Chair One Home ($190) lets you and your friends hang out in a more relaxed, intimate, and less formal zone closer to the floor. Chair One Home is available in an inspired range of interior designer materials to enhance your home theme. The collapsible chair is water resistant, weighs 2.4 pounds and can hold up to 320 pounds.

The Chair One Mini ($160) is lighter and more compact than the original. The chair weighs 1.3 pounds and can hold up to 198 pounds. The XL version of the Chair One, offers optimal comfort, while remaining travel-sized. Chair One XL ($275) weighs four pounds and can hold up to 320 pounds.

All three Chair One sizes are available in beige, red, orange, burgundy, steel grey, coffee, lagoon, matcha, black, cappuccino, citrus, and royal blue.

Weighing less than one pound, the Table O Home ($100) makes the perfect side table to your couch. Move this table to wherever you sit, so you can have that cup of morning coffee or evening glass of wine within arms reach. Available in walnut or oak.

Need a bigger table? The easy-to-move Table One Home ($225) weighs just two pounds and can hold up to 110 pounds. Available in burgundy, beige, and steel grey.

Ditch the bulky and uncomfortable air mattress and swap it out with Helinox Cot Home ($765). Weighing only 7.5 pounds, this collapsable bed is not only a more comfortable option but also a more space efficient decision. With its easy set up and break down, if you have a guest staying over for longer than one night, you won’t have to worry about leaving an air mattress in the middle of the living room. The High Cot Home can hold up to 320 pounds and comes in beige.

All the items in the Helinox Home Collection are available now from the company website.

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