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Women-Led Wednesday

The holiday shopping season is here whether we like it or not. This week, we’ll have Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and then next week, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. But how about Women-Led Wednesday?

Women-Led Wednesday is a new campaign I can wholly get behind. Starting today and on every Wednesday before Thanksgiving going forward, you are encouraged to buy from female-founded or female-run brands.

The Women-Led Wednesday campaign was started by colleague and friend Cassie Abel, herself a female founder of the awesome outdoor apparel brand Wild Rye. She was joined by Lauren Fennema, who started the company Confidants, an e-commerce store that curates high quality, emerging lifestyle brands.

The impetus behind the campaign is to simply get people to vote with their dollars for women in leadership. Much like consumers support brands like Patagonia for their sustainability and environmental initiatives, Abel and Fennema hope that consumers will actively chose to support companies that are founded or run by women. The end goal is to help prove that having women at the top and supporting female founders makes fabulous business sense.

Hundreds of brands are already on board for Women-Led Wednesday. Over on the campaign website, you can find a directory of all the women-led brands for your shopping pleasure. Brands include everything from active and outdoor gear companies to pets and beauty and wellness.

And if you know any other female-founded or female-led brands that aren’t already on the list, encourage them to sign up through the submission form on the site —  the campaign will continue to add relevant brands to their roster.

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