Gore-Tex Shakedry Moves to Insulation

C5 Shakedry Insulated

Insulated jackets are great at keeping you warm but run into problems when they get wet. To make lightweight and waterproof insulated jackets that breathe well and won’t wet out over time, Gore is working with brands to combine Shakedry technology with both down and synthetic insulation. Here are a couple of our favorite pieces.

If you recall, Gore-Tex Shakedry ditches the face fabric on a jacket and uses the waterproof membrane as the outer surface. When water hits the surface, it simply beads and runs off. No wetted-out face fabric over time means no chilling effect and minimal weight gain.

Shakedry jackets are totally waterproof and windproof but also breathable, as the technology uses the most breathable Gore-Tex laminate available. This makes them perfect for highly aerobic activities like running and cycling. But while ditching the face fabric makes the jackets ultra light, it also means they aren’t the best (as of yet) for sports like backpacking or climbing where you carry heavy backpacks that rub on your shoulders or the jacket may come into contact with rocks or trees that could damage the membrane.

First up — the new Gore C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry 1985 Insulated Jacket ($350) The cycling jacket combines the completely waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric with my favorite active insulation — Polartec Alpha — to create the perfect winter riding piece.

Rab Verglas

And one you’ll sadly have to wait for until next fall — the Verglas Jacket ($375) from Rab. I got a first look at this jacket at Outdoor Retailer and let me tell you, it’s a beaut. Rab got the exclusive on using Gore-Tex Shakedry in a puffy. This hooded puffy is stuffed with 750-fill responsibly sourced, hydrophobic down. As the baffles are not stitched like a regular puffy, you end up with this nice sleek look.

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