Smartwool Uses 3D Body Mapping in New Intraknit Base Layers

Smartwool Intraknit

One thing’s for sure, Smartwool knows how to make great socks. So the brand decided to take their seamless sock technology and apply it to base layers. The result is form fitting merino wool layers that will not only keep you warm but also vent excess heat at the same time.

In order to make the new Intraknit base layers, Smartwool had to adapt their sock knitting machines to apply to apparel — this was no easy feat. By using the same 3D body mapping technology that the company uses in their socks, Smartwool is able to weave different knit structures throughout a single piece of fabric, building in gender-specific ventilation zones (women and men tend to sweat in different places) as well as reinforced zones (like elbows and shoulders) without having to seam together a bunch of different fabric pieces.

So instead of a uniform 250 gram weight merino wool throughout your base layer, you get a whole range of weights and weaves without adding seams. The base layers fit more like a sock, hugging the contours of your body without any bunching. Pretty cool, huh?

Smartwool thinks they can use this new technology to add things like compression into your base layers in the future. The new Intraknit base layers for men and women will start shipping in the fall of 2019 — just in time for next year’s ski season. They will be available in both crew- and zip-style tops along with standard bottoms ranging in price from $115 to $150.

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