Extreme Last Minute Gift Ideas

Alterra Pure sheets

It’s Friday. Christmas is next Tuesday. And you have yet to finish shopping for everyone on your list. Don’t worry — there are still a couple of days to get those last minute gifts. Here are a few ideas from some not-100-percent-outdoorsy items that I’ve really been digging this past year.

Alterra Pure Sheets

I am Princess and the Pea when it comes to sleeping. Any little thing can ruin my night, so needless to say, sheets are a huge deal. Smooth, cool, crisp, and clean, these organic cotton percale sheets from Alterra Pure are the bomb. Alterra Pure verifies organic content at both the fiber and finished stages, along with using sustainable production and offering fair trade wages in their eco-friendly LEED certified factory. They take a few washes to break in, but get softer and softer with every wash.


Picture Organic Moder

Known for their fresh-styled, eco-friendly ski and snowboard outerwear, Picture Organic also makes some nice fleece and base layers. The street-style Moder hooded fleece jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester and is super cozy for those cold winter days. Using Polartec Thermal Pro fabric, the jacket looks more like a knit sweater rather than just another plain old fleece.


Woollip Travel Pillow

I logged some serious airline miles this year, including many 10 to 13 hour overnight flights to far off destinations. In general, I am a horrible plane sleeper (who on earth can sleep sitting upright?) but things have gotten much better with the Woollip pillow. Yes, it looks a little weird but this tray table pillow is the closet I have come to getting comfortable enough to at least doze off for awhile on a plane. By supporting your head and your whole upper body, the pillow enables you to fully relax without jerking awake all the time or ending up with a huge cramp and your neck.

Teva Ember Moc

Teva Ember Moc

We are a no shoes household so inside I wear my Teva Ember Moc slippers every day of the year. I even travel with them to wear inside all those Airbnb apartments as they weigh next to nothing and squish down for easy packing. The insulated slippers are warm without being hot and super comfortable. Rubber soles mean you can wear them outside to take out the garbage or even walk the dog down the street. You will never get these off my feet.

Hope this helps those of you in the throes of last minute gift panic. Happy holidays everyone!

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