Inflatable Rash Guard for Added Safety in the Water

Hero Rash Guard

Leave it to the Australians to come up with an inflatable rash guard that comes to the rescue should you get into trouble while playing in the water. Designed for children and adults alike, the Hero inflatable rash guard is suitable for all water-based activities.

Made from a soft polyester and lycra fabric, the multifunctional rash guard not only offers SPF 50+ sun protection while you are out on the water, but can also inflate should you find yourself in a bit of trouble.

The Hero inflatable rash guards have a built-in inflation chamber that expands on both sides of your chest and across the shoulders to make you float upright in the water. The inflation chamber is located within a double lining so it’s very comfortable to wear, and an adjustable waistband keeps it from riding up.

The shirt can be automatically activated via a small CO2 cartridge — simply pull the rip cord and the chambers inflate instantly. An oral inflation valve lets you further control your buoyancy. And if for some reason you can’t inflate the rash guard yourself, it is set to automatically inflate at a set level of submersion. After inflated using CO2, the cartridge should obviously be replaced before you head out again.

Note that the inflatable rash guard does not completely replace a life jacket. The Hero is registered as a PFD 50 (buoyancy aid), whereas life jackets are registered as PFD 100 and above.

The Hero inflatable rash guards are available in a variety of sizes, from a child’s size 4 to an adult XXL. The children’s rash guard retails for $129 and the adult version for $149 — both are available for pre-order now from the company website. All the pre-orders will start shipping in January so not long to wait.

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