Sleeping Bag Made from 100% Natural Materials

BioPod DownWool

German company Grüezi bag set out to create a sleeping bag made from 100% natural materials, from the packaging all the way down to the last button. The result is the BioPod DownWool Nature sleeping bag that recently won the best product award at the ISPO trade show coming up at the beginning of next month.

All of Grüezi’s BioPod sleeping bags are stuffed with DownWool filling — an insulation made up of 70% down and 30% wool. The wool helps to absorb any moisture buildup to allow the surrounding down to maintain loft and therefore its insulating properties. The outer and lining material of the Nature version of the BioPod sleeping bag is simply made from cotton.

Because of the high insulating value of the DownWool mix, the brand is able to use less filling for a similar warmth rating and therefore a lighter bag with a smaller pack volume. The BioPod DownWool Nature bag has a comfort rating of 6 degrees C (42 degrees F) and limit rating of 1 degrees C (33 degrees F). The all-natural sleeping bag weighs 1.65 kgs (3.6 pounds) and packs down to a size of around 10 liters.

The sleeping bag opens much like a blanket and secures shut via a double line of wooden buttons — you can adjust the width depending on your comfort preference. The hood is also adjustable so you can cinch it down tight in colder weather.

Both inside and outside of the bag you’ll find a few pockets for storing items close at hand and inside the hood is a pillow pocket for stuffing clothes or an inflatable pillow. When the bag gets dirty, simply throw it in your washing machine and launder as instructed.

The BioPod DownWool Nature sleeping bag retails for 400 euros and will start shipping next month.

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