A New Way to Rent Premium Outdoor Gear Across The US

Coozie Outdoors

For those of you not interested in owning tons of your own gear but still love to head outdoors, there’s a new gear rental solution in town. Based in LA, Coozie Outdoors rents all the premium gear you need for those camping and backpacking trips this summer.

Coozie rents everything from tents, sleeping bags, and pads, to backpacks, cooking gear, bear cans, lighting, and even multi-tools. To rent gear, first choose the dates you plan to use it and where you are headed. For those of you that live in LA, you can get the gear on the same-day, but for the rest of us living anywhere in the continental US, place your order at least 7 days in advance of your first rental day and Coozie guarantees that your gear will arrive by 8 pm the night before.

When you get back from your trip, simply attach the free return label to your box and drop off at any UPS location by noon the day after your last rental day. In LA? Your gear is picked up from your door via a Coozie courier.

Right now you can rent the gear for a maximum of 21 days, but if you plan on a longer trip somewhere, you could call up the team and see what they can work out. And if you need help figuring out exactly what gear you need, you can request a personal guide to help you rent gear, select destinations, and anything in between — it should be noted that joining Coozie is free with no membership fees required.

Coozie hand cleans every piece of gear after each use so you are sure to get gear in great condition. And any item they deem past its prime is donated, giving it another lifecycle. As the team realize outdoor gear is meant to be used, you will not be charged for gear that is damaged due to normal wear. However, you will be charged the full price of any gear that is not returned or returned with significant damage beyond repair.

While rental gear sites have come and gone in the past, now might actually be the right market timing for the idea. With retailers like REI renting gear and the push for sustainability, renting versus buying gear that you only use occasionally seems like a really great option.

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