Rage Yoga Is Just What We Need Right Now

Rage Yoga

After a completely shitty week for women’s rights here in the US, Rage Yoga has never looked more appealing. More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude. The idea is to help you get on the right path to becoming centered, confident, and giving zero f*cks. Sounds like just what we need to take on the patriarchy, ladies.

Rage Yoga was started by Canadian Lindsay Istace. She found yoga classes not only a bit intimidating but also a little too serious and serene. Looking for something more fun while still being a great workout and stress reliever, she created Rage Yoga.

Rage Yoga is still yoga but think loud music, war cries or swearing, and the occasional dirty joke. It’s not about being perfect in your poses, but about making you feel strong and empowered and working through what is holding you back. Best of all, there is usually drinks afterwords.

If you live in Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, or Dallas, Texas, you are lucky as you can take a Rage Yoga class in person. I can only imagine Rage Yoga is way more fun when shared with a bunch of people. For the rest of us, Lindsay offers a variety of online courses.

The Ferocious Foundations package costs $90 and will get you two or more videos every week for six weeks. The program is designed for beginner to intermediate levels, and will build your strength and balance while giving you the foundations of a kickass at-home practice. And Lindsay promises you will also end up Zen as F*ck!

Sounds perfect to me.

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