Would You Trust an Inflatable Portaledge?


While I absolutely love to climb, I don’t think I could ever be a big wall climber simply because I would freak out sleeping hundreds of feet up on the side of a wall. A regular portaledge would be hard enough for me to trust (irrational, I know) but an inflatable one might push me over the edge. But for those who love hanging around and want to move faster by drastically reducing their weight load, the G7 POD inflatable portaledge just might be the answer.

The G7 POD is a lightweight (1.5 kilograms or 3.3 pounds), four-season, insulated, inflatable ledge that replaces the traditional single framed portaledge (7.5 kilograms or 16.5 pounds) plus sleeping mat. At 30″ wide x 84″ long, it’s comfortable for almost any size person.

The inflatable structure integrates an adjustable, six-point suspension system that spreads the load to hang rigid from any climbing anchor. Adjustable loops make it easy to level wether you’re on a slab or a vertical wall and as the suspension system is asymmetrical, you can anchor the G7 POD in a corner.

The inflatable portaledge can be hung in a variety of ways. For those times you need some personal space from your climbing partner, hang two G7 PODs in a bunk bed configuration. Another option is to hang two G7 PODs side by side to create a spacious double ledge. The portaledge comes fitted with accessory loops and a pack loop so you can keep everything you need within arms reach.

The G7 POD comes with an inflation bag that doubles as a stuff sack or pillow. The air valve, made by Sea To Summit, can be locked to ensure no accidental opening.

The team is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders on the inflatable portaledge. For $355 you can get your own G7 POD with delivery expected in November.

You can choose to add a Storm Shelter to your inflatable portaledge order ($575 total) and get the highly breathable, watertight shelter system. The shelter deploys from a stuff sack and is easy to repack when it is time to climb again. A removable door allows it to fit both single and double G7 POD set ups.

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