BLM Wants to Help You Find Where to Climb

BLM Climbing

Earlier this week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) unveiled a new online, interactive map to help you discover top recreation opportunities on BLM-managed public lands across the US. For the climbing map, the BLM worked in partnership with Access Fund and to highlight some of the highest quality BLM managed climbing opportunities.

You can now find the information needed to plan your next climbing trip, such as best season for climbing, area characteristics, climb difficulty levels, and availability of parking, camping, water, and restrooms. Climbing areas include lesser known places like Arrow Canyon in Nevada and Ibex, Utah, as well as more popular places like Red Rock Canyon and Joe’s Valley.

“The BLM really wanted a one-stop shop where you can visit, look at the map, see what climbing areas are available, as well as all the other considerations that you need to know about when you go climbing on BLM land,” said Erik Murdock, policy director for the Access Fund.

And for all those serious climbers that are super secretive about some of their favorite destinations, don’t worry. Murdock assured everyone that lesser known spots will remain off the map. “We only highlighted climbing areas that are well-known and well-travelled, just to share more information and combat crowding and the impacts that are associated with large amounts of climbers visiting sites,” he said.

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