Tecnica Launches Custom-Fit Trail Running Shoe

Tecnica Origin

They did it for ski boots and hiking boots, so it was only a matter of time before Tecnica brought their custom fit technology to trail running shoes. The new Origin uses the same in-store thermo-molding process to deliver a trail running shoe with the ideal fit, regardless of gender or body characteristics.

When designing the Origin, Tecnica first set out to understand the unique requirements of different body types while running off-road. This resulted in four variations of the shoe with different levels of support and cushioning in each. A simple digital app helps retailers select the right version of Origin to match your personal requirements and running style.

Once the right model has been selected, the shoe upper and footbed are thermo-molded to your feet using Tecnica’s Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) Machine. After the 15-minute in-store process, the Origin trail running shoe will fit like a second skin.

The Origin is a high performance, 10.5-ounce mountain running shoe designed to perform best on technical terrain, both in wet and dry conditions, thanks to the Vibram Megagrip outsole. Lightweight yet protective, the shoes perform best between short and mid-distance length runs.

“Manufacturers have been attempting to produce custom-fit running shoes for many years,” says Federico Sbrissa, Tecnica footwear Business Unit Manager. “But the solutions delivered thus far have been complicated, expensive, and eliminate the value that a quality retailer provides. We feel that by combining our technologies with the knowledge and personalized service of the world’s most respected outdoor and running retailers, we can truly provide the best experience for the outdoor community.”

A small selection of retailers will soft launch the Tecnica Origin starting next month, with the full retail launch hitting outdoor and run specialty retailers in Spring ’20. The retail price for this custom-fit trail running shoes is $170.

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