7Mesh Wants to Help You Carry More on Your Next Ride

7Mesh Anything Goes

Jersey pockets aren’t always practical for carrying a ton of stuff on the bike and what happens when you want to wear something other than a cycling jersey? For Spring 2020, 7mesh introduces the Anything System — a modular system of pockets to securely stow ride essentials and larger items on jerseys, bibs, and shorts.

7Mesh’s Anything Panel provides jerseys with five, floating rear pockets that hold their shape without sagging or compromising fit. The panel is constructed from a stretch woven fabric and floats freely from the jersey allowing for maximum pocket capacity without compromising shape or fit when loaded.

Along with three traditional top-entry pockets, the Anything Panel also features two zippered side-entry pockets which run the full width of the panel. These are arranged in a 70/30 split to secure everything from phones and valuables in the smaller pocket, all the way to items of clothing in the larger.

7Mesh Jersey

The brand’s new MK3 and WK3 Cargo Bib Shorts expand the range of carry options with easy access leg pockets for essentials, and integrated rear pockets which can be used in place of jersey storage to allow you to wear any type of shirt when you ride or to add to the cargo capacity of frame bags.

On the trails, mountain bike and gravel riders can expand their carrying capacity using front pockets and phone pockets on the thigh of the Glidepath Shorts and cargo pockets on the new Foundation Bib Short liner.

I would be curious to know your thoughts on this one. Would you rather carry tons of gear on your person or have some sort of frame bag, backpack, or waist pack to shove it all in? I have a love/hate relationship with jersey pockets as I find it hard to actually get at anything while I am riding but I also dislike wearing a backpack.

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