The Places Trying to Make Camping More Accessible

Loge Camps

Going camping for the weekend is not exactly a matter of just hopping in the car and heading out at the last minute. You first need to pack up all the gear — that is if you even own the right gear — plan where you are going, buy all the food, etc. For many people, it is all this planning and gear ownership requirement that keeps them from heading outdoors.

Many places are now popping up across the US that are designed to make it easy for anyone to just jump in the car and head somewhere to play outdoors for a few days. Call it glamping or whatever you like, but places like Autocamp and Loge Camps, located right next to prime outdoor playgrounds like Bend and Yosemite, are making the outdoors more accessible to everyone.

I’ve now had the chance to stay in both — a Loge Camp site in Leavenworth, Washington and an AutoCamp just outside of Yosemite National Park in Mariposa. As much as I consider myself an avid camper, it’s kind of nice to come back to a shower and a bed after playing hard outside all day. Not to mention not having to load the car up with camping gear and clean it all up at the end of the weekend.

Loge Camps finds forgotten motels near some of the nation’s best outdoor towns and trails, and brings them back to life with a variety of ways to stay like hotel rooms, hostel bunks, and campsites. From on-site gear rentals to fire pits and free live music, Loge delivers a welcoming outdoor-adventure focused experience at each of its locations.

Current Loge Camp locations include Bend, Leavenworth, Breckenridge, and Mt. Shasta. Loge gives 1% of top line revenue at each location to a local non-profit that fosters responsible outdoor use — current partners include The Surfrider Foundation, Northwest Avalanche Association, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and Central Oregon Trail Association.


Of the three AutoCamp locations, Yosemite is the largest and most secluded. The site features some seriously cush custom Airstreams, modern cabins, luxury tents, a mid-century modern, two-story Signature Clubhouse, heated pool, community fire pits, private meeting spaces, and more. It is located minutes from the historic town of Mariposa and a short drive from Yosemite National Park.

REI recently teamed up with AutoCamp to bring new immersive experiences to Yosemite National Park. REI has launched six fully guided day tours for visitors to fully experience the wonder of one of the nation’s most epic natural places. Guests staying at AutoCamp’s newly opened high-end outdoor lodging property can arrange their REI-led hikes with optional transportation to and from the comfort of their custom Airstream or luxury canvas tent.

So next time you want a hassle free weekend of camping and playing outside, consider one of these properties. I know I will be a frequent visitor.

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