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How To Quick Clean Your Bike

Cleaning your drivetrain

After a winter riding grimy roads or muddy trails, your garage full of n+1 bikes could definitely use a spring cleaning. You don’t need to spend all weekend on this project–a quick clean is easy and a great way to keep your bike running smoothly as you start to ramp up the miles again. Here are some tips for a quick spring clean of your bike (note: this is meant to be a quick and basic clean, not a major, full bike once over and tune up that you should most definitely do at some point in time).

Bay Area Super Prestige

The Basics of Cyclocross – How To Videos

Bay Area Super Prestige

I participated in my first cyclocross race over the weekend. The first lap was a bit of a train wreck, but I managed to end up on the podium in the end, had a fantastic time, and am now officially hooked. After all, what can be better than mud, donuts, bikes, and beer–all during the course of a 45 minute race.

How To Layer For Ice Climbing

How to layer for ice climbing

Over the years, I have a developed a pretty good personal layering system for ice climbing. My bottom half layers remain the same throughout the day, made up of my current favorite climbing pants and some sort of baselayer whose thickness depends on the weather. My top half usually consists of 4-6 layers, again depending on the temperature. These layers will be taken on and off at various stages throughout the day. 

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