How To Repair Your Gore-Tex Jacket

Gore-Tex Jacket Repair

I crashed my bike last weekend while wearing my favorite 7mesh Resistance Jacket. In addition to some mighty fine road rash, I ended up with a pretty big hole in the elbow of my jacket. When this happens, don’t throw your jacket away. Gear Aid makes some great products to easily patch up that hole and keep your jacket in circulation for many seasons to come.

For this project, I used the pre-cut Tenacious Tape Tattoos as they are fun, but you could use the regular Tenacious Tape Repair Patches or Repair Tape. If the hole in your Gore-Tex or Windstopper jacket is in a place that is likely to see a bunch of rain like a shoulder or front panel, you might consider using the Gore-Tex Fabric Repair Kit.

I created a video below of the repair process so you can see how easy it is and the final result.

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