Trillium — The Three Person Stackable Hammock

Trillium Hammock

A hammock big enough to comfortably sleep three people? Check. Infinitely stackable so you can store gear, bring dogs or even extra people? You bet. Meet the Trillium hammock from Tensile, where multi-floor outdoor living environments are now a real possibility.

Used on its own, the Trillium is the most hardcore triple hammock on the market. Reinforced by 20+ meters of seatbelt and secured by heavy-duty ratchets and webbing, the hammock provides safety, stability, comfort and of course, a great bird’s-eye view of the forest.

The Tentsile line of tree tents are made to be suspended between trees, but in dry conditions can also be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent. Whether you are looking for an all terrain camping solution, a safari safe house, a mountain or beach retreat, or a portable treehouse that avoids all planning restrictions, the ski is the limit.

The Trillium can be used underneath the Tentsile Stingray and Vista to hold clothes or blankets up against your back to keep you toasty warm in cold weather or as a spare Vista floor. It has all the fittings to accommodate a Vista top–unlike the other Tentsile tents, the Trillium does not come with a flysheet or tent mesh itself.

The Trillium hammock weighs 13 pounds and offers up 80-square-feet of lounging space. You can choose from a green, 240-denier nylon fabric or a heavy-duty PE black mesh.

The Trillium hammock retails for $250 and is available now. For every Tentsile tree tent purchased, the company plants three trees with WeForest.

I want one of these in my backyard–what a great suspended outdoor office it would make.

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