A Fully Insulated Cocoon For Your Hammock

Inferno sleeping bag

While hammock sleeping is great in the summer, it can be pretty darn cold during every other season. Sleeping pads up the warmth factor but unless you have a purpose-built one, they make sleeping a bit awkward. Hammock specialists Sierra Madre Research came up with a solution to keep you in your hammock all winter — a two-part sleeping bag that creates a fully insulated cocoon around your hammock.

The Inferno is a two piece sleeping bag system that can ultimately be used with or without a hammock. The Inferno Top Quilt is similar to a normal sleeping bag but has a backless design. There are no zippers — you crawl in through the elastic opening in the back, fit the hood over your head, and climb your feet into the closed footbox. A couple of cinches at the back and the hood enable you to fit the bag as tight or as open as you want.

The full length Inferno Under Quilt connects underneath your hammock to insulate you from the air below. It clips onto the hammock the entire way to ensure no drafts and no cold spots.

The Inferno system comes in two temperature ratings — 30 degrees F or 0 degrees F. The two quilts are stuffed with 800-fill DownTek water-resistant down and the shell fabric is water-resistant as well — handy for winter camping or for getting covered in dew each morning.

The company is taking pre-orders for Inferno over on Kickstarter. Right now you can get the 30 degree F version for $179 (Top Quilt) + $179 (Under Quilt). The 0 degree F version is going for $239 (Top Quilt) + $239 (Under Quilt). Most people seem to be ordering the Under Quilt alone — something that makes sense if you already own a sleeping bag for your hammock.

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