A Sleeping Pad for Your Tree Tent

Tentsile SkyPad

No question, the Tentsile tree tents are pretty darn awesome. But much like a hammock, you can get pretty cold at night if you don’t have a sleeping pad beneath you. So, as a logical product extension, Tentsile teamed up with Klymit to create a sleeping pad that is purpose built for use with the company’s line of tree tents and even hammocks.

The SkyPad  is an inflatable dual chamber camping pad, featuring thermal insulation and a non-slip base for a warm and cozy night’s sleep.  Designed to fit all of Tentsile’s products, the SkyPad slots neatly into each model of tree tent or hammock. The sleeping pad weighs 25 ounces (709 grams) and packs down to a 9 x 5 inch size.

“The SkyPad is the ultimate sleeping pad in terms of both quality and design,” said Alex Shirley-Smith CEO of Tentsile. “We were seeking a way to provide year-round insulation to our tree camping experience and through our collaboration with Klymit, we have managed to developed a design that allows users to sleep on a cloud of air that floats above the ground!”

“We experimented with various designs but ultimately settled in on a weld shape that mimics the Tentsile logo,” shared Matthew Maxfield, vice president of development and operations at Klymit. “The unique design also allows for the pad to flex in both directions so that it conforms nicely to the body and provides a comfortable and stable sleeping surface within the tents.”

Whether for the keeping backs warmer during those cold winter months, or just that extra bit of comfort, SkyPad is an excellent adventure accessory. Clip two or three together using the built-in snaps for even more stability and support. Additionally, the SkyPad can be used in all other tents or hammocks.

The SkyPad retails for $120 and is available now from the Tentsile website.

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