Take Advantage Of All Your Local Outdoor Retailer Has To Offer

REI Outdoor School

We can easily forget that REI is not just a place you buy all that cool gear for your outdoor adventures, but one of the main company goals is education. Each local REI store hosts a variety of events and courses that are relevant to both the novice who wants to learn a new activity, as well as to the seasoned outdoor adventurer who simply wants to brush up on some skills. 

How To Train At Home For Climbing

Blank Slate Climbing Board

For those of you, like me, who don't live in a climbing mecca such as Boulder, don't have the space to build your own climbing wall at home, and don't live near a climbing gym or some form of training center, there is still a great way for you to get your climbing training in at home. Hangboards are a popular option, but Blank Slate Climbing has taken it one step further. 

How To Successfully Complete A Thru-Hike

Thru Hike Appalachian Trail

Over the next couple of weeks, thousands of people will set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, with hundreds heading to Southern California to start the Pacific Crest Trail. In accordance with the yearly averages, 7 out of 10 of these hikers will ultimately fall short of their goal. 

Yes, You Too Can Learn How To Change A Flat

How To Change A Flat

I am ashamed to admit that up until now, I have not known how to change a flat on my bike. I would head off on rides hoping that either I did not flat, could call someone to come get me if I did, or rely on the other people I am riding with to know how to change it for me. Fortunately, I have yet to experience a flat when riding (knock on wood), but I know it's inevitable. Therefore, I should know how to change a flat tire by myself.

How To Bombproof Your Tent


Red Rock Campground is notorious for windy conditions. This week, during a particularly bad day of 30-40 mph continuous winds with 70 mph gusts, it was fun to walk around the campground and see which tents were holding up and which were in pretty bad shape. Who needs wind tunnel testing- just head to Red Rock Canyon!

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