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A Mountain Bike Tire For Your Feet

Adidas Terrex X-King

Mountain bike tires appear to be popping up everywhere on the soles of footwear these days. First Under Armour with their Fat Tire GTX shoe, and now Adidas finally gets set to release their own mountain bike tire inspired shoe, the Terrex X-King, in the works for some time now. Trail running or mountain running with hard core rubber and tread on my feet? Why, yes please!

Essential Ice Climbing Layers

Ice Climb Layers

The key to staying warm when ice climbing is to dress in layers. You need to be able to start out the day wearing just your baselayer or midlayer for the approach, then continue to add and remove layers throughout the day as you climb and belay. This is my current ice climbing apparel setup for the season. While the individual pieces may change from year to year, the general layering concept remains the same.

Trend: Cuben Fiber Apparel

Peak Performance Cuben Fiber Jacket

The next frontier for cuben fiber? Apparel. Long used in the sailing world, this lightweight yet strong non-woven fabric found its way into the outdoor realm via hardware such as tents, climbing slings, and more recently backpacks. Now apparel makers are turning to this miracle fabric to create waterproof yet breathable garments at ultralight weights.

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