Warm Layers I Am Digging This Winter

Wear all the layers on a chilly day in Hyalite Canyon.

Photo by: Drew Smith

Even though we sprang forward over the weekend, winter doesn’t seem anywhere near ready to end. While I wouldn’t mind a little warm sunshine, I have been trying to make the most of all the cold and snow, whether it’s ice climbing in Montana, shoveling sidewalks in Minnesota, or skiing in Tahoe. Here are a few of the layers I’ve pretty much been living in all winter.

The North Face Impendor ThermoBall Hybrid Hoodie (the blue jacket in top photo): Climbers will want to keep their eye out for this insulated jacket next fall as it combines side stretch panels with 16 grams of quilted ThermoBall insulation throughout the core, hood, and arms. I have been living in this jacket all winter as it’s lightweight yet super warm, and doesn’t feel restrictive like some puffy jackets can. The face fabric will take a beating and any climber will appreciate the large mesh stow pocket on the inside of the jacket for those extra pair of gloves.

Adidas Power Air Fleece Jacket: Made from Polartec Power Air, this fleece is ultra warm. It utilizes a 3D knit structure that fully encloses threads inside of tiny pockets all along the lining of the fleece to trap your body warmth.  The best part? These enclosed pockets mean the fabric sheds five times less than your average fleece, helping to keep microplastic waste out of the water system.

A longer hem keeps your backside warmer and prevents the fleece from riding up under a harness or when sitting on the chairlift. A hood and high scuba-type neckline add to the cozy factor. In addition to being a great active midlayer, this fleece makes the perfect outerwear choice for those high output activities like cross country skiing or running.

Ice Climbing
Happy and warm playing outside all winter.

Photo by: Drew Smith

Millet LDK Belay Hoodie: For those super cold ice climbing days, this insulated jacket serves as my midlayer. Lightweight and stretchy, it adds a level of wind-resistance in addition to warmth. The jacket is stuffed with Power Fill insulation — Polartec’s warmest insulation to date which is also made from 80% post-consumer recycled content. The streamlined fit makes it super easy to layer under a shell. I can see myself wearing this jacket well into spring and even summer as an outer layer for those chilly mornings.

The North Face CloseFit Gloves: These lightweight gloves are perfect for cold weather running, hiking, or to wear on the approach to climbs. The gloves are windproof with a soft lining to add a bit of warmth. On warmer days, I even use these ice climbing as the super snug fit makes for great dexterity. They are touchscreen compatible so you don’t have to remove your gloves to get that selfie.

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