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Can Lava Rocks Reduce Your Stink?

By Don Jurries

lava rock

Pushing yourself for long periods of time on your outdoor adventures usually comes with one major side-effect, body odor. Reducing body odor is therefore big business in the outdoor industry. Numerous companies have attempted to develop effective solutions ranging from the anti-microbial properties of natural fibers, such as wool or bamboo, to fabrics woven with strands of silver and topically applied sprays.

Science Meets Scent

By Don Jurries

Agion Active

With the slogan “Try Everything, Stink at Nothing”, Massachussets, USA-based Sciessent is making a global effort to ingrain silver as the cornerstone of antimicrobial technologies. Marketed as Agion and Agion Active, Sciessent’s silver antimicrobial technology operates at the surface of a product through the controlled release of silver ions which attack microbes, inhibits their growth, and results in reduced odours.

With Agion Active You Stink At Nothing

Agion Active

Recently, I have decided to give up wearing synthetic base layers because I am tired of the stink. It's embarrassing to spend a day climbing hard then rock up to the pub smelling like death or stink out your tent mate after a long day on the mountain. At Outdoor Retailer, Traci from Agion Active handed me a couple of t-shirts to try that she promised would change my view on synthetics.

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