With Agion Active You Stink At Nothing

Agion Active

Recently, I have decided to give up wearing synthetic base layers because I am tired of the stink. It's embarrassing to spend a day climbing hard then rock up to the pub smelling like death or stink out your tent mate after a long day on the mountain. At Outdoor Retailer, Traci from Agion Active handed me a couple of t-shirts to try that she promised would change my view on synthetics.

Agion Active is the only textile treatment that handles microbial based odors as well as ambient, absorbed odors. Agion Active makes the fabric itself inhospitable to odor plus sucks in and eliminates odors that surround the garment. The treatment will regenerate with each wash and will also eliminate the lingering stink you normally experience post wash with most synthetic clothing.

The way the Agion Active test works is that one side of the 100% polyester t-shirt is treated with Agion Active and the other is left untreated. Your goal is to push your t-shirt to the sweaty limits and experience the olfactory difference for yourself.

Terry and I decided to put our Agion Active t-shirts to the 14er climbing test, so wore them for for our hike up La Plata Peak outside of Aspen, Colorado. It was a beautiful, warm day and the round trip hike took us around 7 hours. Post hike, I even decided to let my t-shirt fester for a few days in the car during the drive home to let the stink carry over for round two of a hot and sweaty 2 hour trail run upon arriving home in San Francisco.

Agion Active Agion Active

Both Terry and I found that one side ended up extremely stinky, oddly enough opposite sides for both of us, and that the other side had perhaps a tiny bit of stink after all those hours of use but not much. I could proudly walk into a pub or coffee shop post climb or run with the Agion Active treated side of the t-shirt and not feel like everyone wanted to vacate the place. 

Bottom Line: I will consider buying a synthetic base layer in the future if it has been treated with Agion Active. Otherwise, I am sticking to naturally antimicrobial fabrics such as wool or bamboo. I would absolutely love to see daily warm weather workout apparel such cycling jerseys or running tops treated with Agion Active. So hop to it Pearl Izumi!

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