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ANT+ Product Directory

ANT+ Product Directory

No more wondering whether or not your new bike computer will work with your heart rate strap or speed and cadence sensor. Dynastream Innovations (the designers of ANT+) has created an online Product Directory with complete inventory of all the ANT+ certified or verified products. With over 60 million ANT+ devices in use today, the ANT+ Product Directory provides you with an extremely simple way to find other products compatible with your current devices or a combination of products to create the best sport specific solution for you. 

Pedal Brain Turns iPhone Into Cycling Computer

Pedal Brain iphone cycling computer

The standards race to turn smartphones into sports accessories has heated up and it appears that ANT+, used by SRAM, Garmin, Adidas and others might win. As we mentioned in an earlier post, Polar has OEMed their technology to Nokia and developed a Bluetooth based Heart Rate Monitor to connect to a Nokia smartphone. Now a new Minnesota company, Pedal Brain, is offering an ANT+ accessory and application that will turn your iPhone or iPod into a full blown cycling computer. 

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