ANT+ Product Directory

ANT+ Product Directory

No more wondering whether or not your new bike computer will work with your heart rate strap or speed and cadence sensor. Dynastream Innovations (the designers of ANT+) has created an online Product Directory with complete inventory of all the ANT+ certified or verified products. With over 60 million ANT+ devices in use today, the ANT+ Product Directory provides you with an extremely simple way to find other products compatible with your current devices or a combination of products to create the best sport specific solution for you. 

The ANT+ Product Directory enables you to tailor your search by specific device, brand, activity, or product category. All ANT+ certified and manufacturer verified products can be found in the database, including devices from top global brands such as Adidas, Garmin, Timex, Magellan, and more.

You can mix and match products from different brands in order to create the ultimate performance monitoring system to fit your desired outdoor activity, including heart rate monitors, power meters, speed and cadence sensors, foot pods, and GPS watches. The directory also enables you to find ANT+ products that are compatible with a device you already own, or find out more information on the features and functions of products. 

ANT+ Product DIrectory

ANT+ is the technology that lets your performance monitoring devices talk to each other. Brands design ANT+ into products to ensure that you get the data you want, when, and where you want it. As all ANT+ devices are compatible, you can easily upgrade or add new sensors into your current system. 

Not all outdoor brands or products use ANT+, making it difficult for the average consumer to know what works with their device. For example, Polar uses their own proprietary wireless standard, making all devices only compatible with other Polar products.

A tiny drawback with ANT+ is that the wireless technology is not yet prevalent in all smartphones. In order to use apps such as Strava as part of your performance monitoring system, you need a hardware adapter for your phone. Wahoo developed Bluetooth based sensors to get around this problem. 

The Product Directory is live on the ANT+ website and will be continually updated as new ANT+ products arrive on the market. 

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