Dawg Grog Beer For Your Dog

Dawg Grog dog beer

Ever wanted to share a cold one with your canine companion after a long day on the trail or at the crag? Now you can. Safely. Bend resident and Boneyard Beer employee Daniel Keeton created a non-alcoholic brew that offers a safe and nutritious alternative your pet can enjoy alongside you while you kick back and enjoy your beer. 

Dawg Grog is a fully Bend-made nonalcoholic brew for your canine companion. Daniel had always wanted to share a cold one with his dog, Lola Jane, but knew beer wouldn't be a healthy treat. Making use of the spent grain from the Boneyard Beer making process, he created Dawg Grog to be served to your dog as a treat on the side or to pour over their food. 

Boneyard Beer was started by head brewer Tony Lawrence, together with Clay and Melodee Storey, with the goal of making great beer without huge sums of money. In order to affordably make large quantities of tasty beer, the trio literally plucked equipment from the "boneyard" of large breweries, creating their very own brewery from these revived parts.  

Dawg Grog dog beer

Made with organic low sodium vegetable broth, Boneyard spent grain, Central Oregon water, and a glucosamine supplemental powder that includes ginger, cinnamon, flax seed, and honey, Dawg Grog is a healthy, nutritional, liquid treat for your furry best friend. The non-alcoholic dog beer is packaged in 16 oz. plastic amber tinted bottles, similar in style to the Boneyard Beer liters. Dawg Grog is sold in packs of 6 for $36, with shipping included in the price.  

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