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Avanet – Crowdsourced Avalanche Safety


Avatech realizes the best avalanche information comes from people actually observing and experiencing the conditions rather than a static snapshot based on weather and other data at a certain time and place. To help facilitate the sharing of real-time safety information, the company created a network where we can all collectively work together to help keep each other safe this winter.

New Snow Safety Tools For The 2014/2015 Season

Black Diamond Evac Shovel

As more and more people venture through the gates or choose to skip the resort altogether, outdoor brands are strengthening their commitment to snow safety for the the 2014/2015 season. Alongside game changing innovations like the Jetforce avalanche airbag pack, numerous improvements have been made to the essential three items that should be in any backcountry adventurer's pack: beacon, shovel, and probe. 

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