Avanet – Crowdsourced Avalanche Safety


Avatech realizes the best avalanche information comes from people actually observing and experiencing the conditions rather than a static snapshot based on weather and other data at a certain time and place. To help facilitate the sharing of real-time safety information, the company created a network where we can all collectively work together to help keep each other safe this winter.

Avanet is a global crowdsourced platform of mountain safety information where mountain professionals and recreationalists alike can share real-time observations on snow conditions.

Before you head out in the mountains each morning, you can check the geo-tagged observations, including photos, videos, and audio information overlayed on a variety of different mapping layers. Once you are outside, you can contribute to the crowdsourced knowledge by reporting the conditions you see that day. You can also set up real-time local notifications of red flags in your area to better inform your decision making.

Avanet enables you to plan and track your route safely within the context of mountain safety information around you. These routes can be planned automatically for you and shared with friends and colleagues. When you are out or after you get home, the app lets you evaluate your performance in real-time to see how you did versus your plan, something that is always good to evaluate.

We all know that using our phone’s GPS to track routes can dramatically decrease battery life, so Avanet will automatically notify you at 20% battery life to help you preserve battery as the phone is an important safety device in the mountains. For this reason, Avatech strongly recommends you bring an extra phone battery with you during your mountain travels.

You can access Avanet through an app on your iPhone or iPad as well as online. I will definitely be using this for ice climbing this winter.

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