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Haglofs Trekking Less Is More

Haglöfs Ultralight Backpacking Kit

Haglofs Trekking Less Is More

Similar to what Kelty did with the TraiLogic collection, Swedish company Haglöfs put together a base backpacking kit that includes all the basics you need to hit the trail. Designed more for hut-to-hut type hiking adventures (there is no tent-just a sleeping bag), the kit can easily be upgraded to suit a full backpacking trip.

Pro-Idee Compact Backpacking Cutlery


A bit like the European equivalent of SkyMall, the Pro-Idee Concept Store is chock full of interesting outdoor products curated from across the globe. From VW camper van tents and picnic trolleys to handheld weather stations, you could spend hours trolling through the pages when bored. 

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