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Bike Tires That Will Never Flat

Ever Tires

Nothing puts a damper on your ride faster than a flat. But what if you could have low-maintenance tires that you never have to worry about fixing? Made from a cell foam that is injection molded into a single ring, the Nexo Tires will never flat¬†— perfect for your commuter or cruiser bike.

Aster–The Ultimate Bike Commute Pack

Aster bike commute pack

For those of us that commute by bike, it is inevitable that we will be caught out in the dark at some point. As you are carrying a backpack anyway, why not make it one that adds an extra level of safety? Lumos Design Technology claims that their new Aster bike commute pack addresses 75% of the causes of bike accidents–something to be thankful for day or night.

Men’s Bike Commute Essentials

Men's Bike Commute

High five if you hopped on your bike on Friday and rode into the office for Bike to Work Day. Hopefully you are now hooked on how great it feels to get to somewhere under your own power. I regularly commute to my office in the city by bike, as traffic is a nightmare and parking costs way too much. To make it there and through the day in style, here is some of my favorite bike commute gear.

Rin Project – Japanese Urban Cycling Gear

Rin Project Cask

Japanese company Rin Project designs a line of casual bike gear for those that not only love to ride but want to look good both on and off the bike. The brand was started in 2000 by Hiroshi Yamada, then president of Chat Noir and once a fashion industry exec in France. After a car accident in 1995, Yamada decided to ditch the car and live a bike-centric life, designing apparel, gear, and accessories that made his new lifestyle possible.

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