Bike Tires That Will Never Flat

Ever Tires

Nothing puts a damper on your ride faster than a flat. But what if you could have low-maintenance tires that you never have to worry about fixing? Made from a cell foam that is injection molded into a single ring, the Nexo Tires will never flat — perfect for your commuter or cruiser bike.

The Nexo Tires are reminiscent of the Midas Tires (now called Tannus) from Korea that appeared a few years ago, but perhaps a bit lighter as they aren’t fully solid — both still weigh more than your average wheel set, however. The Nexo team claims there is about a pound difference between their tires and standard air tires. For a commuter or cruiser, is that extra pound worth never having to worry about changing a flat? Perhaps.

The tires attach to your existing rims via plastic T-bolts. These bolts slip into the tire and then secure themselves under the lip of the rim. They look nearly identical to your regular tires but weigh less than solid tires.

As they are made from a type of foam and not rubber, the tires can be made in variety of colors to match your bike. The company claims you can ride 5,000 miles before needing to change out the tires.

The team is also offering what they call Ever Tires, great for kids bikes, cruisers, and the casual rider. These come as entire wheel sets — the tires are made from a solid polymer blend with strut supported holes reduce weight and add some cushion to your ride.

For $75, you can get a set of Nexo Tires in a variety of sizes and colors. The Ever Tires wheelsets start at $76 for a 12″ or 16″ wheel and go up to $105 for a 700 x 25c. Delivery for both is expected in January.

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